Mindful Art Workshops


Strengthening Communities through Creative Engagement.

Muchu's Mindful Art Workshops are about self discovery and designing or re committing to agreed community values through creativity and conversation.
So far Muchu conducts these workshops in tertiary environments from primary school to university, yoga schools, offices, Uni halls, sports teams and gyms or health studios.
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The workshop was a stimulating and enlivening experience. Muchu skillfully encouraged us all to step beyond our self-imposed boundaries and redefine ourselves through the medium of artistic expression. A relaxed and open atmosphere made for a unique experience which was both transformative and fun. Would recommend!"


Sam Vennell
Science and Innovation Analyst


"Our sweet friend and amazingly talented spiritually-focused artist Muchu! His art is effervescently open & uplifting; inspired by the divine via the playfulness of grafitti and pop art."


Daniel P. Cordua

Founder at Palo Santo Wellness Boutique 


"I was lucky to enjoy one of muchu's art therapy workshops. I was warmly welcomed into the group, and got to experience a lovely and safe balance of depth and creative playfulness. I warmly recommend it!"

Anja striepke,

Art therapist (Clinical)


"At first I wasn't sure if I was too mature for Muchu's exercise, but after sitting around in a group of people and getting into the cutting mix I couldn't help but grab the pieces of paper and make myself a magazine. Slowly after that I was opening myself up to a group of people I wouldn't usually open up to. Muchu is so particular about what he says and how he says it that he had everyone attuned to the exercise and bring out the best in them. I would recommend this as the best exercise that I've come across yet."


Nasret Micheal



"Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to attend several of Muchu’s art therapy workshops. As an attendee of his workshops I feel as though I have a good insight on the effects of Muchu’s programmes. In these workshops he has shown skills of facilitation and compassion as well as amazing artistic abilities. He creates a very open and caring environment in which all the workshop attendants are able to feel comfortable. The activities have a genuine positive effect on people by allowing a creative outlet to release feelings and create solutions or closure. I recommend Muchu because I really believe that he has a gift worth sharing."


Maya De Larratea


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