Honoring Mother Earth vs Sustainability

By Muchu 19/11/16

Too often we treat people in an impersonal way.
Even more often we treat Earth in an impersonal way.
Out of a material concept of life we think she is just made of matter.
We treat her in the way we treated our mothers when we were 5 and she was there just to feed us and entertain us.
We treat her in an abusive way.

Our attitudes and behaviors always flow from our paradigms.
It is out of paradigm that we litter and out of a paradigm that we speak about changing our ways as “sustainability.”

The Vedic paradigm has people honor Earth as Mother because thats who she is to everyone living on her.
The materialistic paradigm, atheistic paradigm and even the spiritual paradigms which deny eternal personhood (impersonalism) have their subscribers seeing Mother Earth as a kind of vending machine which should just keep supplying our needs and our greeds

We, Mother Earth’s children are all somewhere on the spectrum of apathy and empathy with regards to our relationship with her.

The paradigm shift required for sustainable sustainability is not one where we still think earth is for us to exploit.
Let’s imagine Mother Earth as our own mother and she is exhausted and fatigued from all of us working her so hard.
Imagine we are just one among seven billion of her children.
We children are all somewhere on the spectrum of apathy and empathy.
Some of our siblings are so caught up in their own needs they are oblivious to our Mothers pain. Then there are those who see it but don’t think about decreasing their taking from her. Then there are those of us who can see very clearly that she is in a bad state and we sincerely want to help.

Sustainability of our mother is not a nice term for this..
We tend to treat people as things these days.
Lets look at the definition of sustainability in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:


Simple Definition of sustainable

: able to be used without being completely used up or destroyed

: involving methods that do not completely use up or destroy natural resources

: able to last or continue for a long time

Who speaks about caring for their dying mother with this word?
Where ever we are on the spectrum of apathy and empathy, if we are subscribing to a materialistic paradigm where earth is just for us to exploit then any care we have for her is just so we can keep exploiting her. And it cannot be any deeper than that because thats the limit of our relationship.

A boy never thinks to help his mother out but when he grows up he takes the mood of a protecter and provider.

Imagine we got together with our concerned brothers and sisters and tried to devise a plan for our dying mother.
Imagine the conversation went as follows:
“OK guys! Mum is sick! This isn’t good!”
“Yeah, how can we make her last a long time?”
“I don’t know but we must make her last at least until we die”
“In the last 10 years we have drained her completely!”
“We need to use her in a way that doesn’t completely destroy her”
“yeah because we need her to provide stuff for us”
“He’s right! imagine a world without Iphones, Chewing gum, Jeans that come with holes that make us look active and caffeinated fizzy drinks! dreaded!”
“We need a method that doesn’t use all her energy but still gets the same amount of energy from her”
“But that doesn’t make sense!”

And thats how the conversation would end if we spoke about it that directly.
It doesn’t make sense and its not sustainable either.
Sustainability is not possible while we cling to our consumer habits.
Because even if we dropped them in favor of different ones we still see mother earth as mummy who should simply feed us an entertain us and clean up after we leave our half finished meals and their plastic wrappers on the ground.

The solution is to grow up which includes but isnt limited to such awareness as”

Mother earth is a person
We are here visiting and need to leave the place cleaner than we found it
That all of our consumer choices have an impact.
That the impact is something we and future generations will suffer from.
That the human form of life isn’t for Netflix and updating our wardrobe every month to be seen a certain way. Human life is special because it affords us the opportunity of self realization.
Trees don’t exist for us to cut down.
Some correlate ways that these awarenesses can show up on a daily basis are:

Think of her as a mother. Take less and give more. For example: Turning off lights after use and placing litter in an appropriate trash can.
Always leave a place cleaner than you found it.
Practice conscious consumerism.
Educate everyone you know in the importance of turning off the light after use.
Make inquiry into self realization: the platform from which sustainable eco systems and processes are natural effects because we will relinquish the paradigm of exploitation in favor of service.
Build around trees.