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The Painting Possibility Project is about:


1. Strengthening communities through creative engagement.
2. Making something incredible from nothing.
3. Creating artworks that uplift and inspire.
4. Generating conversations that make a difference.
5. Making experiences that contribute to well being.

Paint it Possible!

Community Murals to Uplift and Inspire

The Painting Possibility Project is about strengthening communities through creative engagement. Josh, an artist and facilitator from Melbourne guides communities in creating beautiful lasting murals that reflect and inspire whats important to the group.
Have Josh come and help you transform your space!


Screen shot 2017-09-20 at 6.13.39 PM

"Josh got involved with a graffiti tour we run every year on a camp called 'Identify'. While we do this every year, and Josh was only involved this time, it was definitely the best we had particularly due to the immersive graffiti experience Josh created with the students."


Evan Morgan
Youth Worker


"Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to attend several of Josh's art therapy workshops. As an attendee of his workshops I feel as though I have a good insight on the effects of Josh’s programmes. In these workshops he has shown skills of facilitation and compassion as well as amazing artistic abilities. He creates a very open and caring environment in which all the workshop attendants are able to feel comfortable. The activities have a genuine positive effect on people by allowing a creative outlet to release feelings and create solutions or closure. I recommend Josh because I really believe that he has a gift worth sharing."


Maya De Larratea 



"It was great seeing Josh in action. Compassionate action. He's a natural with youth, as he's a natural at defying potential barriers between people.

He exudes empathy and acceptance and engages people as equals, purposefully and with keen interest in who they are, where they are coming from, where they are going and would like to go.

Josh's style is definitely flow, his art and his connection with people is flow, that's a natural fit with youth, they just shine in response."


Toncie Murat Wells



The workshop was a stimulating and enlivening experience. Josh skillfully encouraged us all to step beyond our self-imposed boundaries and redefine ourselves through the medium of artistic expression. A relaxed and open atmosphere made for a unique experience which was both transformative and fun. Would recommend!"


Sam Vennell
Science and Innovation Analyst


Josh facilitated Pop Art Therapy workshops in our wellbeing space for students ‘The Bubble’ at Victoria University of Wellington. Josh designed bespoke workshops to align with the wellbeing needs of students.  Workshops were facilitated compassionately using hands-on art in ways that were both engaging and cathartic.


Jude West

Wellbeing Educator and Advisor.


Josh helped our school create a fantastic mural that has created life, color and fun to our playground. He only had 1 1/2 days to pull it off but still he patiently and caringly engaged the children so they all had their own signature stamp on the masterpiece. I was amazed at how fluidly he worked - cool, calm and collected the whole time. He's a talented artist and connects wonderfully with the kids. I'd highly recommend him for teaching art or creating art for any school or community group. Thanks Josh!


Jenny Foulds

School Trustee


"I was lucky to enjoy one of Josh's art therapy workshops. I was warmly welcomed into the group, and got to experience a lovely and safe balance of depth and creative playfulness. I warmly recommend it!"

Anja striepke,

Art therapist (Clinical)


"On an Art Therapy retreat I organized, I invited Josh to be our Facilitator. He was a natural and charismatic communicator who, during his many workshops with our guests, has be able to inspire geuine, honest and creative responses from them. He was a passionate practitioner who really impressed us with his ability to connect with each and every person."


Isvari Kesavi 

Yoga instructor and event organizer 





  • Paint and materials,
  • Guidance in creating a lasting mural for your space.

Mural Plus

  • The Mural Plus package includes paint and materials, guidance in creating a lasting mural for your space, PLUS
  • Quality digital photo package
  • A zine for memories
  • Celebration

Full Package

  • Mural
  • Quality digital photo package 
  • A high quality video 
  • A hard cover coffee table book for memories 
  • Catering and celebration 

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